Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search

Paid search, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), is a great way to drive website traffic. Our PPC management services help clients not only drive traffic to their websites, but also increase their lead generation efforts.

Our paid search management services include:

Full Account Strategy

Prior to creating the AdWords account, we build a full PPC strategy and receive client approval before creating the campaign. The paid search strategy document includes information on:

  • Recommended keywords and ad groups
  • Landing pages to be used for each ad group
  • Conversion-tracking strategy to document success.

Account Setup

If a client has never used AdWords, we can handle setting up the account in conjunction with the client. The account setup process consists of:

  • Adding client’s credit card information to the account and setting the monthly budget
  • Creating initial campaign and segmenting ad groups
  • Setting geo-target parameters as necessary
  • Adding keywords to each ad group and crafting ads for each ad group
  • Ensuring landing pages are correct
  • Setting up conversion tracking to document success.

Monthly AdWords Management

Once the account has been created and properly set up we move into full-time account management and ongoing optimization. This process includes:

  • Tweaking keywords and editing ads
  • Testing multiple landing pages as needed to determine top performers
  • Monitoring data to make recommendations on account strategy
  • Tracking conversions/form submissions
  • End-of-month reporting to show monthly clicks, actual ad-spend, and conversions.


The goal of any website is to drive conversions, be they online sales, appointment bookings, or requests for more information. So what happens when a website visitor leaves your website without completing a conversion action?

Utilizing a retargeting strategy can allow ads for your website to appear to those lost conversions as they continue surfing the Internet. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to entice visitors to return to your site with the goal of completing a conversion action.

Our retargeting services include:

  • Account setup
  • Creating retargeting ads in all necessary sizes
  • Implementing necessary code to ensure retargeting functionality
  • On-the-fly strategy adjustments to make the most of retargeting budget
  • Full monthly reporting.

We believe in full transparency, so we provide detailed end-of-month reports to outline all paid search account activity.