Grow Your Small Business with Digital Marketing

Make the most of your marketing budget by promoting yourself online.

Grow Your Small Business with Digital Marketing

When starting a small business, one of the biggest challenges a business owner will face early on is deciding where best to allocate budget. Once you’ve paid for the basics like rent, equipment, and supplies, there probably isn’t much left to create an aggressive and robust multimedia campaign to advertise your business.

Choosing how best to invest in advertising is a challenge that all small business owners face early on. You could “cast the net” and pay for expensive radio ads or billboards on I-95, knowing that most people will just ignore them. These approaches also provide no convenient method for measuring return on investment (ROI) as they don’t offer data that tells you how the ads generated customers for your business.

Rather than risk your limited funds and time on an approach that casts the net wide, but doesn’t guarantee quality leads, grow your business by strategically targeting consumers on the most heavily used network on the planet, the internet. Read below to learn more about why digital marketing is the best solution for advertising and growing your small business.

  1. Trackability: Unlike newspaper, radio, and even television, digital advertising offers a wealth of analytics (data) that can describe how your audience interacts with your website and ads. Analytics provides valuable feedback that tells you when your strategy is working, or could benefit from some tweaking. Pinnacle Creative Marketing uses various analytics tools to tailor a solution that best meets the needs of our clients, adapting to change when necessary to get the best results.

  2. Works on any budget: While traditional marketing can be expensive with no way of measuring ROI, you can spend less online to target people most likely to convert. Once you’ve built your website, you can use a modest budget to create a pay per click (PPC) campaign which shows your ads to people searching for keywords related to your business. Once they click the ad, they are sent to your site to complete the conversion (e.g. purchase a product or fill out a contact form), and the best part is, you’re only charged for the clicks to your ad.

    PPC is just one of the ways Pinnacle Creative Marketing can make the most of a modest budget to generate leads for your business.

  3. Uses mobile: Next time you’re in public, look around and observe what everyone is doing. Odds are, most will be on a smartphone. Even Google recognizes the importance of mobile by prioritizing rankings for websites based on their mobile performance. Through digital marketing, you make it possible for your business to show up when searching for “Florence Car Dealerships,” or for your ads to appear when a user searches for “children’s clothing.”

  4. Targeted audience: Digital marketing can be tailored to target the people most likely to use your product or service. If you own a sporting goods store for example, you can run ads online targeting parents of school age children that play sports, as well as school athletics personnel. Don’t waste your advertising dollars on ads that will only reach a fraction of your target audience. Work smarter, not harder.

    Pinnacle Creative Marketing has experience creating customized targeted Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads to generate leads for your growing business.

  5. Highest ROI: As mentioned above, you can create a smart and effective online campaign with a modest budget. For many of our clients, a single conversion can cover the cost of the whole campaign for a month. For example, you own an online clothing boutique and spend $50 a month on a Google Adwords campaign (to show your ad when customers search clothing matching your parameters). If a searcher clicks your ad, visits your website and spends $250, the campaign has already become profitable.

    With digital marketing, you know exactly how your money is spent, and what produces the best results.

  6. Intent: Digital marketing has the advantage over traditional marketing by advertising to individuals already seeking out your goods or service. With billboards or the radio, hundreds, if not thousands of people view your ad with no intention of ever using your service. For example, if you dislike sushi, you’re not going to visit your local sushi bar, even if they have a radio ad advertising that sushi is half off on Tuesdays. Instead, you can market directly to sushi lovers online looking for the “best sushi in Florence, SC.”

Call us today to learn more about how digital marketing can help your small business grow. Pinnacle Creative Marketing specializes in website development, as well as digital marketing for lead generation. We offer several full-service packages to accommodate companies of all sizes.


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