Connect With Customers Through Social Media

Social media platforms provide opportunity to build relationships with your customer base.

Connect With Customers Through Social Media

Most of us are familiar with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for personal use, but aren’t really sure how to make the most of these networks when it comes to promoting a business online. While the tools are largely the same, there is a little more to social media marketing than what you would typically do with your account, such as sharing cat photos. To be successful with social media marketing, you must:

  1. Create Quality Content: What is the benefit of having a social media page if there is no content to attract followers? Instead of just sharing articles and other people’s posts, create your own compelling content that is applicable to your business. Write interesting blog posts, record short videos, and share photos for followers to engage with and share. For example, if you own a bakery, instead of just writing a post about what cupcakes are available today, record a short video of you icing one of the cupcakes, or pulling fresh baked cakes from the oven.

  2. Connect with Users: The beauty of social media is that it affords an unprecedented level of interaction between companies and their customers. You can talk directly to your customers, humanizing your business to build lasting relationships and build customer loyalty. So don’t write a post and leave it alone - answer questions and be social.

  3. Post Regularly: Don’t be one of those businesses that posts once every six months. If you want to remain relevant and at the forefront of your customers thoughts, post a few times per week to daily.

  4. Avoid Conflict: While it may be tempting to engage with an angry customer or troll on your page, don’t do it! Often, your audience will pay more attention to your response rather than the original complaint. Simply apologize for the negative experience and invite the customer to communicate with you privately. Also, your business page is not the place for political rants and the like. Keep it professional.

  5. Provide Incentives for Conversion: To create posts that are liked and shared, or invite customers to visit your webpage and even share emails for additional marketing, try providing incentives, such as a free gift card given at random for a post share or form completion. I’ve seen restaurants offer free appetizers for engaging in social media, or coupons offered for account followers. You can even create your own holiday for discounts and giveaways to generate buzz, similar to Free Comicbook Day, Prime Day and originally Black Friday.

  6. Consider Paid Advertising: To reach new people outside of your followers’ circles, consider a little paid advertising, which will target people most likely to use your services.

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