Inbound Marketing

Pinnacle Creative Marketing provides digital marketing services to help clients grow their businesses. Our marketing automation solution helps businesses generate more leads, convert them to paying clients, and prove marketing ROI.

In addition to our marketing automation platform we offer top and middle of the funnel marketing services to help keep your pipeline full of qualified leads for your sales team.

Marketing Problems?

Have you faced any of the following marketing problems?

Not enough leads to feed the sales funnel

No easy way to qualify leads

No way to effectively nurture leads

Big gaps in follow-up from the sales team

Can’t see where the leaks in the pipeline are

Don’t know which tactics are driving revenue.

Marketing Solutions

We have a plan to solve those problems. Our platform and services allow businesses to:

Fill your sales funnel with leads through top of funnel marketing services such as paid search, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, and email marketing

Utilize VisitorID functionality to know who visits your website

Identify sales-ready leads through custom lead scoring designed for your business and workflows

Nurture leads through the sales pipeline with built-in CRM

Notify sales teams when a lead is ready to purchase

Manage the ROI of all inbound marketing campaigns.

Top of Funnel Marketing Done For You

Search Engine/Social Media Marketing

Search engine marketing is vital to the success of any lead generation campaign. Strategies such as search engine optimization (ranking in search engines for keywords related to your business) and paid search marketing in Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter help you drive quality website traffic and leads to your sales team.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the gasoline that fuels the search engine marketing vehicle. Content pieces such as blogs, e-guides, whitepapers, case studies, and landing pages are what you give your potential clients in exchange for their contact information and permission to further market to them.

Visitor ID Integration

Our VisitorID feature allows you to identify anonymous web visitors. 98% of web visitors remain anonymous because they don’t fill out forms.

VisitorID uses reverse IP lookup to identify the companies visiting your site, and provides you contact info, including names, emails and phone numbers – effectively doubling or tripling the number of leads that can be harvested from your existing web traffic.

Mid-Funnel Marketing Done With You

Lead Scoring

When leads move into the second stage of the funnel, it's time to sort the wheat from the chaff and give your sales team leads that they can close. You'll receive lead scoring metrics based on actions taken by the potential client (information provided, website pages visited, emails opened, etc.) so your sales team always knows who's ready to buy.

Behaviorial-Based Email-- No More "Email Blasts"

When done correctly, email marketing is one of the highest ROI marketing channels available. Go beyond sending generic email blasts to your database and send them targeted emails based on the content they're viewing on your site. Unlike traditional email marketing service providers (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.), we offer behavioral-based email tracking to allow you to see how your contacts are interacting with your website and marketing campaigns.

Full-Feature CRM

CRM training for your sales staff is provided as are sales management workflows that make sense for your business. Assign leads to specific sales teams and send new lead notifications directly to their phone/inbox via text message alert or email.

You can also view the life of your lead from first contact to final sale in addition to utilizing the drag and drop interface to map and track your sales cycle.

We'd love the chance to learn about your business goals and discuss how we can help you grow.


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