Google's Penguin 4.0 has Arrived

Learn more about the latest Penguin update from Google and how it could impact your website and SEO.

Google's Penguin 4.0 has Arrived

On September 27 after almost two years, Google released their most recent update for their Penguin algorithm, Penguin 4.0. First released in 2012, Penguin is designed to filter and punish “spammy” websites that take advantage of black-hat SEO tricks like keyword stuffing and invisible text to rank higher in the organic search results. Until now, flagged sites would have to wait until the next update to be cleared by Google; but that has changed with Penguin 4.0, along with a few other things.



Penguin 4.0 updates include:

  • Penguin now updates in real-time. Originally, Penguin ran periodically, catching offenders of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and penalizing them with low rankings. Websites would make corrections, but then have to wait months for the next update to get off Google’s naughty list. That has now changed as websites can make corrections and get back in Google’s good graces relatively quickly once the pages are crawled and indexed.
  • Penguin is more selective. Rather than penalizing entire websites, Penguin now has the capability to possibly target pages or parts of pages, though the details remain unclear at present. It no longer appears to be an “all or none” approach to spam filtering.
  • There will be no more update announcements. Since Penguin has become more organic, evolving in real time, there is no longer a need to identify specific updates.

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