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Connect With Customers Through Social Media

Social media platforms provide opportunity to build relationships with your customer base.

Connect With Customers Through Social Media

Most of us are familiar with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for personal use, but aren’t really sure how to make the most of these networks when it comes to promoting a business online. While the tools are largely the same, there is a little more to social media marketing than what you would typically do with your account, such as sharing cat photos. To be successful with social media marketing, you must:

  1. Create Quality Content: What is the benefit of having a social media page if there is no content to attract followers? Instead of just sharing articles and other people’s posts, create your own compelling content that is applicable to your business. Write interesting blog posts, record short videos, and share photos for followers to engage with and share. For example, if you own a bakery, instead of just writing a post about what cupcakes are available today, record a short video of you icing one of the cupcakes, or pulling fresh baked cakes from the oven.

  2. Connect with Users: The beauty of social media is that it affords an unprecedented level of interaction between companies and their customers. You can talk directly to your customers, humanizing your business to build lasting relationships and build customer loyalty. So don’t write a post and leave it alone - answer questions and be social.

  3. Post Regularly: Don’t be one of those businesses that posts once every six months. If you want to remain relevant and at the forefront of your customers thoughts, post a few times per week to daily.

  4. Avoid Conflict: While it may be tempting to engage with an angry customer or troll on your page, don’t do it! Often, your audience will pay more attention to your response rather than the original complaint. Simply apologize for the negative experience and invite the customer to communicate with you privately. Also, your business page is not the place for political rants and the like. Keep it professional.

  5. Provide Incentives for Conversion: To create posts that are liked and shared, or invite customers to visit your webpage and even share emails for additional marketing, try providing incentives, such as a free gift card given at random for a post share or form completion. I’ve seen restaurants offer free appetizers for engaging in social media, or coupons offered for account followers. You can even create your own holiday for discounts and giveaways to generate buzz, similar to Free Comicbook Day, Prime Day and originally Black Friday.

  6. Consider Paid Advertising: To reach new people outside of your followers’ circles, consider a little paid advertising, which will target people most likely to use your services.

If you would like to take your business’ social media marketing to the next level to generate business leads, contact the digital marketing professionals at Pinnacle Creative Marketing. We offer several packages than can be tailored to meet your company’s needs. Build your business with digital marketing provided by Pinnacle Creative Marketing.

Grow Your Small Business with Digital Marketing

Make the most of your marketing budget by promoting yourself online.

Grow Your Small Business with Digital Marketing

When starting a small business, one of the biggest challenges a business owner will face early on is deciding where best to allocate budget. Once you’ve paid for the basics like rent, equipment, and supplies, there probably isn’t much left to create an aggressive and robust multimedia campaign to advertise your business.

Choosing how best to invest in advertising is a challenge that all small business owners face early on. You could “cast the net” and pay for expensive radio ads or billboards on I-95, knowing that most people will just ignore them. These approaches also provide no convenient method for measuring return on investment (ROI) as they don’t offer data that tells you how the ads generated customers for your business.

Rather than risk your limited funds and time on an approach that casts the net wide, but doesn’t guarantee quality leads, grow your business by strategically targeting consumers on the most heavily used network on the planet, the internet. Read below to learn more about why digital marketing is the best solution for advertising and growing your small business.

  1. Trackability: Unlike newspaper, radio, and even television, digital advertising offers a wealth of analytics (data) that can describe how your audience interacts with your website and ads. Analytics provides valuable feedback that tells you when your strategy is working, or could benefit from some tweaking. Pinnacle Creative Marketing uses various analytics tools to tailor a solution that best meets the needs of our clients, adapting to change when necessary to get the best results.

  2. Works on any budget: While traditional marketing can be expensive with no way of measuring ROI, you can spend less online to target people most likely to convert. Once you’ve built your website, you can use a modest budget to create a pay per click (PPC) campaign which shows your ads to people searching for keywords related to your business. Once they click the ad, they are sent to your site to complete the conversion (e.g. purchase a product or fill out a contact form), and the best part is, you’re only charged for the clicks to your ad.

    PPC is just one of the ways Pinnacle Creative Marketing can make the most of a modest budget to generate leads for your business.

  3. Uses mobile: Next time you’re in public, look around and observe what everyone is doing. Odds are, most will be on a smartphone. Even Google recognizes the importance of mobile by prioritizing rankings for websites based on their mobile performance. Through digital marketing, you make it possible for your business to show up when searching for “Florence Car Dealerships,” or for your ads to appear when a user searches for “children’s clothing.”

  4. Targeted audience: Digital marketing can be tailored to target the people most likely to use your product or service. If you own a sporting goods store for example, you can run ads online targeting parents of school age children that play sports, as well as school athletics personnel. Don’t waste your advertising dollars on ads that will only reach a fraction of your target audience. Work smarter, not harder.

    Pinnacle Creative Marketing has experience creating customized targeted Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads to generate leads for your growing business.

  5. Highest ROI: As mentioned above, you can create a smart and effective online campaign with a modest budget. For many of our clients, a single conversion can cover the cost of the whole campaign for a month. For example, you own an online clothing boutique and spend $50 a month on a Google Adwords campaign (to show your ad when customers search clothing matching your parameters). If a searcher clicks your ad, visits your website and spends $250, the campaign has already become profitable.

    With digital marketing, you know exactly how your money is spent, and what produces the best results.

  6. Intent: Digital marketing has the advantage over traditional marketing by advertising to individuals already seeking out your goods or service. With billboards or the radio, hundreds, if not thousands of people view your ad with no intention of ever using your service. For example, if you dislike sushi, you’re not going to visit your local sushi bar, even if they have a radio ad advertising that sushi is half off on Tuesdays. Instead, you can market directly to sushi lovers online looking for the “best sushi in Florence, SC.”

Call us today to learn more about how digital marketing can help your small business grow. Pinnacle Creative Marketing specializes in website development, as well as digital marketing for lead generation. We offer several full-service packages to accommodate companies of all sizes.

10 Digital Marketing Trends Sure to Succeed in 2017

Best get familiar with these digital trends if you want to stand out in the coming year.

10 Digital Marketing Trends Sure to Succeed in 2017

2016 saw some exciting changes in the digital landscape, including Google’s Mobile First Indexing, the Penguin 4.0 update, progress on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), and the gain in popularity of immersive technologies. We anticipate continued focus on mobile and immersive experiences, as well as the resurgence of older marketing techniques for newer generations. Here are the 10 trends we expect to make an impact in 2017:

  • Augmented Reality – the resounding success of Pokémon Go has shown the potential for reaching consumers with augmented reality technology. At its peak popularity, the game produced $10 million in earnings in a single day. Digital media superimposed on the real world offers a unique new opportunity for businesses to reach and interact with their audience, and offers huge potential for revenue.

  • Live Streaming – Thanks to popular social media apps like Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram, users can now live stream from mobile devices, offering viewers a raw and personal experience not seen in traditional uploaded recordings. Marketers can also use live streaming to their advantage to interact with their audience in a more intimate manner. Don’t look for live streaming to disappear anytime soon.

  • Niche Marketing – The internet has become a crowded place with everyone vying for attention on websites and social media. Rather than trying cast a wide net and speak to everyone, achieve a greater ROI by focusing your attention on narrower demographics and tailoring your message to speak directly to them.

  • Data Visualization – The more you know about your target audience and their behaviors, the better you can tailor you message to satisfy their needs. Analytics allow marketers to do just that, and digital marketing allows for the collection of A LOT of data. The wealth of analytics can be challenging even for data analysts, emphasizing the need for tools to make sense of all the numbers. Data visualization tools will become more widely used in 2017 for better understanding and more efficient use of all those analytics we collect.

  • Immersive Experience – The freshness of increasingly popular immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) mentioned above, and Virtual Reality (VR) offer new opportunities for digital marketing that is different and exciting. Consumers want to move beyond the screen for more intimate, immersive experiences, and you can use this to deliver your message to users in a way popup ads and banners just won’t.

  • Dense Content – Content developers will have to be even more to the point in 2017 as readers become less willing to read long articles or watch lengthy videos. You will have to say more with less to keep your audience’s attention and deliver your message. TL;DR – Less is More.

  • Social Media Conversions – It’s not enough that companies can speak directly with their audience through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they will look to increase conversions through medium in the coming year. Rather than use social media feeds just to communicate with and funnel users to websites, employ techniques like gated content that requires a form signup, or include discount codes in posts. These approaches can provide an easy method of measuring ROI on your social media presence.

  • Mobile First Indexing – This year, Google initiated Mobile First Indexing, which for the first time prioritizes the mobile version of websites when determining organic rank. Internet use on handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets has surpassed desktop computers, placing greater emphasis on mobile displays. Mobile responsiveness is no longer an optional feature and must become a priority with developing websites and content for consumers. If you want to remain relevant in 2017, make sure your content is mobile friendly.

  • Native Marketing – Consumers are inundated with advertising from television, print media, radio, and of course the internet, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the more subtle approach of native marketing is making a comeback. While users tend to avoid disruptive ads like popups or ignore banners, they are more receptive to marketing packaged as compelling content. If done well, native marketing can lower consumer resistance to your message; however if done poorly, it will have the opposite effect. With the ever growing Internet of Things (IoT) and the growing popularity of new technologies like AR and VR, expect novel approaches to native marketing in 2017.

2017 looks to be a big year for innovation in the digital marketing industry. If you are interested in taking your business in a fresh direction when it comes to marketing your brand, contact Pinnacle Creative Marketing today. Whether you need a new look for your website, a boost in local SEO, or assistance in generating leads, we can make it happen.


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